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Welcome to the home of Tutor2Suit – Private tuition tailored to suit your needs.

Please explore the site to discover more about us, what we can do for you and find out more about subjects you are interested in pursuing.

Private tuition is a fantastic resource for brushing up on some forgotten skills or knowledge, additional learning to compliment current curriculum syllabuses or even to begin learning something new altogether!

Tutor2suit can help you set and achieve your goals in a positive, productive and professional manner whether in your own home, our home – Hill House (above) or even via Skype/Facetime or other internet applications.

clowesstephen25@gmail.com/07885 523014


Stephen has been teaching me and my son English for the past year. Stephen is very reliable and trustworthy, always arriving on time with a smile on his face. He is very approachable.

Stephen has good knowledge of the subject matter and curriculum standards. His methods of teaching are exceptional and his confidence in teaching inspires his pupils. Stephen is technology literate and is willing to try new ideas such as using educational apps  and electronic devices as a teaching aid to enhance the development of skills (this works especially well with the teenagers).

Stephen is very committed to his students and  is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure they achieve their goals. My son and I  will truly miss him and his amazing teaching. Having a tutor like Stephen will eliminate the stress which sometimes comes with learning. Stress does not exist in his company as his humour and ‘acting’ talent when reading a character from a book will make you laugh.  He is the person who your children will respect and never forget.


Exceptional Teaching

Stephen has been teaching my daughter English, Maths and Science since 2013 and I have been impressed with the impact he has had on my daughter’s progress in her school work. Stephen’s energy and commitment has really helped to boost my daughter’s self-confidence and development in her approach to her work.
I find Stephen trustworthy because I feel he is able to provide feedback that reflects my daughter’s true progress and comes up with useful recommendations which we have actioned and has worked for us. On this basis, I will recommend Stephen as a reliable and trustworthy tutor.


Reliable and Trustworthy

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